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31st August 2014


Trauma 2014! 2 Months away, and I cannot wait!

Be there!

31st August 2014



As it tends to go, whenever something hits me that could be considered a metaphysical or spiritual need, the stars align to show me exactly what I need to do. So far I have received so much support on my eyes project I don’t know what to do with myself!

I was doubting my abilities as an artist and a photographer and BAM! I got hit with an amazing shoot last weekend and amazing shoots to come this next weekend. I’ve been hit with so much support on the eyes project I’m glad to have tomorrow off to catch up!

Thank you for everyone who has contributed time, their visage and their thoughts. I really needed this.

25th August 2014


How we rate our work…..

As an artist, I’m always my worst critic of my work. Say whatever you will, you don’t like something, think it cheesy, too obtuse, too “Weird”.. but I’ve already said anything that is going to matter to myself, I’ve already torn down and rebuilt my confidence, learned from my thoughts and adapted for the future.

That being said, every time I look at a particular piece, photograph, design, thought, visage… I’m wondering what I could have done better? Does this meet my standards? Do I need to re-develop my standards?

I go on a 0-5 Scale (trust me this makes sense if you use lightroom or bridge to organize images).

0 = Absolutely NOT! (There is no way I could consider publishing this, it might be a moment I really should not have caught, or so on…)

1 = Technical Foul  or Model Foul

2 = Sub Par - this did not meet up to my standards. 

3 = OK, not the best, not the worst, but, not print material, could possibly be something to consider editing or using for artistic reference, a majority of work winds up here. [I’m a perfectionist])

4 = Set Material (This is going into a set, this is what I want people to see when they see my work, this is what I strive for. This is going on the final print, either cd, package or catalogue)

5 = I’ve impressed myself. (This, this winds up in my portfolio and in anything a client receives, this is the cover, the coffee book, the wall hanger, the absolute best of the best)

I then, out of the 3-5’s I rate by color. (This does change depending on the type of shoot, but with minimal variant) 

Red = Something the kids probably shouldn’t see, so, it does not go online, it could merely be misconstrued, but don’t take any chances, “facebook unfriendly”…

Green = Good to go, anyone could view it.

Purple = PUBLISH THIS! (Items I consider for magazine, critique, deviantart, etc)

Blue = Edit (Items I see that could become parts of another project, drawing or digital editing/drawing, even could be a point of reference for 3d work).

Yellow = Items that I may find worry about. (Say I catch something unexpected that really should be addressed)

I’m always changing this, but this has been a fairly good base-line for me.

21st August 2014


Day 1 and 2, getting back into it, a little bit of fun with eyes

Day 1 and 2, getting back into it, a little bit of fun with eyes

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20th August 2014


Getting back to the basics, a course in retaining the muses. Pt. 1

Ok, so, this year has been difficult on a personal level for far too many reasons. Inspiration seems to elude me, my eyes took a hit, I had to get glasses and contacts, stress from work, blah blah etc, you get the picture…

A few days ago I had a conversation with a friend, and admittedly I’ve had a lot of conversations this year about recovery, about moving forward about getting back to my niche.

For whatever reason, this was the kick in the testicles I seemed to need, or maybe the culmination of all the sack racks I’d gotten from within over the last year. 

Anyhoo… I’m trying in all my walks of work, drawing, woodwork, photography and even the spiritual to get back to the very basics, what inspires me? why have I drifted so far off course? is it evolution? is it devolution? is it a need to compete with everyone and everything?

Thoughts to ponder.

I would say, if I were to promise a daily recount of my thoughts on this new journey I am putting myself on… I’d break the promise in a day. I get too busy to do myself any good, always distracted by something… but. Once a week, I can surely do, right?


Getting back to the basics. The focus today is on eyes. 
Probably will be for a while…. so, prepare yourself.

Captured in the most beauty by descriptive hieroglyphics, the finest poems, the most ornate and unusual of paintings. Keepers of the soul, temptation for the heart.

I’ve been fascinated by them since the first real moment I can remember, trying to understand their mystery, their allure, their draw, their power over the universe.

I’ve spent my life reading people, watching them, watching their eyes, trying to figure out what is behind them, what thought provoked that little twitch or contraction in their pupil, or why they are so dilated one moment and so incredibly small the next.

I rarely show my own eyes. I’m always behind a camera, so that helps, but in the every day even, I’m always hiding behind the glass or behind a mask, only showing what I want the subject to see.

This being said, Over the next several weeks, I’m going to be studying this, drawing, photography, in my woodwork, in everything I can.

I want the world to see what I see, perhaps so they understand more of my thoughts? Or maybe reveal some deep guarded universal secret? 
We shall see…

This being said. For those of you who have come to know me, those of you in my collective, or even those outside. An odd request.

For those I do not know, it may seem strange for me to ask for pictures showing different expressions with a focus on your eyes, if you feel up to the challenge, inbox me. For those of you curious and want to be part of this revival of spirit, be it a shoot, or beit a pose or beit an inboxed image, I ask, friends, rogues, gypsy-kin, send me your eyes.

Photographically, I’m going to put together a study, with the drawings, I want to see what I can do with them, in woodwork… oh boy…. this could be interesting.

This is being crossposted to facebook, tumblr, and any other forms of social media I can muster, I want to get this rolling.  I will even be posting the results on my website,

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13th August 2014


Only a couple days away! August 14-17, Indianapolis, IN - Gencon! 
Booth 237 - Hosted by our friends at Sea Dog Game Studios and Valkyre Pewter! 

Staves, Wands, Hair Falls, and *NEW* designs from the Crafting side of Nebuleux, LTD and Dee’s Caravan

Only a couple days away! August 14-17, Indianapolis, IN - Gencon!
Booth 237 - Hosted by our friends at Sea Dog Game Studios and Valkyre Pewter!

Staves, Wands, Hair Falls, and *NEW* designs from the Crafting side of Nebuleux, LTD and Dee’s Caravan

29th May 2014


Edge Shave Gel Dream Job Contest on Facebook | Facebook →

So, I’m looking up to the challenge. #WORK4SI #WORK4IGN #WORK4THRILLIST #WORK4AWESOMES

I’m a renaissance man, always doing, never backing down. I think I have what it takes to shoot with the best of the best. Play with some awesome and taste some tastes and game on. I can’t wait to see what comes!

23rd April 2014


I think I found my answer:

You must have an active regular vendor’s license for each fixed place of business from which taxable retail sales are made.

A regular vendor’s license, which is issued by the County Auditor to cover a fixed place of business, may be transferred from one existing business location to another when you move an existing business to a new location within the same county. If the business location is being moved to a different county, a new regular vendor’s license must be obtained from the County Auditor of the different county. A vendor, who is moving an existing business to a new location within the same county and wishes to transfer the existing regular vendor’s license, must submit a transfer application to the Department of Taxation requesting transfer of the license to the new location. See form ST-3TL or contact your local County Auditor’ Office or call 1-800-282-1782 or visit this site at Tax Forms. If approved, the Department of Taxation will update its file, issue a transfer license, and advise the County Auditor. There is NO FEE for transferring a regular vendor’s license from one location to another within the same county.

If you hold a permit issued by the Division of Liquor Control, the vendor’s license and permit must have the identical name and be for the identical address as shown on the permit. If you move to a new location within the same county, you must contact the Division of Liquor Control to have the permit transferred to the new location address. The Department of Taxation will not issue a Transfer License until we have been notified by the Division of Liquor Control that the permit has been transferred.

Any change in ownership (sole proprietor to partnership, partnership to corporation, corporation to sole proprietor, partnership to sole proprietor, etc.) requires a new license.

A change in your mailing address does not require a new license.

If you are required to obtain a new vendor’s license due to a change in ownership or location, a final return must be filed within 15 days of the last day of business under the original vendor’s license.

If you have any questions regarding the transfer of an existing license or the requirement to obtain a new vendor’s license, please call Tax Registration at 1-888-405-4089.

So…. The LLC is registered under me and the trade names are inherant of the LLC, therefore, I do not need an additional license? 

This is by far the most convoluted process I have found. but if it means I only have to have trade names and no additional vendors licenses or TVL’s I’m happy.

But, e-mailing the state, cuz, yeah…..

23rd April 2014


Busy Year

So, it has been a busy year with Nebuleux, nowhere near as busy as I would like, but internally, structure wise.

Nebuleux, is now an LLC. Nebuleux, LTD is what we “officially” go by, and until everything comes back from the state, we are known at shows as “nebuleux” (dba).

Soon, when our paperwork comes back, we will be known as “Dee’s Caravan” at craft events and in an online store. (also a DBA)

Everything is housed under Nebuleux LTD for purposes of tax ID and ease.

Consider it like this:

We are structured in the sense that we are a main company that offers three venues.

1. A Family Friendly Photography Vendor (St Martin Art [in development]).

2. An entity that houses all of my creations and artistic endeavors with a strong focus on photography (Nebuleux)

3. An entity that Vends the artistic creations of myself as well as other local artists (Dee’s Caravan)

Convoluted from an outside perspective, but, makes sense in the long term.

26th March 2014


Profession vs PROfession

I’m in a bit of a conundrum, esoteric thought, thoughts of my wants and needs not only as an artist/photographer/selfrun business owner but also as a technician. Lots of things on my mind. 

I support local arts, I put myself out there helping groups work for local charities, provide event services, often free to little cost (usually parking or a booth) to those offering fundraising and help distribute local artists for only enough to cover my costs of entry to an event or for web hosting. Really, I make no money doing what I do in the outside of work world, but I’m also no longer losing money doing it.

I’m looking at changing things. I’m fed up with my 9-5 to a point where it has stressed me to ulcers, sleepless nights, nightmares and a blood pressure level that is not healthy at all.

I want to be able to focus on what I love and who I love, art, artists, family and friends. Help my community, help those in need, help those without a voice and share ultimately my expression with not just the locals but the world.

How is this going to happen? How does one accomplish this?

Well, the thought on it currently is, I’m sitting on roughly 50 thousand images from my career, granted I would not consider them all a piece of art by fancier claims, but each one is a moment in time, captured, beautiful in itself. 

I’m going to start selling prints from my adventures, travels, moments in my life, moments of happiness, moments of fear, moments. I hope this will provide what I need to get things going. 

I do not want to quit a job, really that helps pay my bills, but I would like to make my art enough of a job so I can work where my heart is, not where my heart drops.

Anything anyone can suggest, do, even sharing a page could mean a new client, could mean a new model to work with, could mean another local artist I can help out, represent, getting us both out there into the world.

For my website, I am going to offer a link for link, as in, you have a link to my page, I put up a link to yours, (please, no pornography or illegal intents). I am also (scared here) looking at facebook ad campaigns.

I want to support local artists more, support local models, support local charity events more than I do already.

Once again, suggestions, thoughts, prayers, all appreciated. 

Though, I appreciate if they come via message not comment, so I can review and also not see an unlikely amount of popups all day long but keep them clear and organized for my own mindsakes.

I thank you friends, family, loved ones, for observing my rant.